Steps To Take When Hiring a Locum


Hiring and working with new locums is always a challenge but can be quite exciting because you get to meet a fresh new face, there are some changes to your everyday routine and you might just find the perfect long term candidate for your business. A new face in the team is also great to inspire permanent medical workers to put in just a bit of extra effort. But there are also a lot of difficulties involved in working with […]

How to Be a Terrific Locum and Get More Job Invites


Once you have given locums a shot, there probably is no looking back. More and more medical experts are making the switch to locums because of all the benefits they enjoy from working freelancing gigs. Most locum workers report a much higher average income, improved job flexibility and better treatment in general. But the biggest benefit that many locums and especially doctors enjoy is the fact that once their shift is over, it is truly over. You can relax, enjoy […]

Earn a Much Higher Average Income by Doing Locums


Lately there has been a lot of fuss about the hourly fee or daily fees of medical locums. While it is great news for locums to hear that they can get a much bigger salary by taking on freelancing projects they are also now becoming the target of negative social media attacks because of the high rates that some locums charge. NHS doctors in some areas are banned from charging what is referred to as ‘rip-off’ rates. Complaints about high […]

Why the Demand for Locum Tenens Keeps Growing


According to the Staff Care’s annual survey, the demand for locum tenens just keeps growing rapidly with each passing year. The use of locum medicals started gaining a lot of popularity in 2002 when more than 26 000 medical locums were used. By 2014 more than 44 000 medical locums were used for the year and in the two years that followed these numbers jumped dramatically to about 48 000 medical locums used in 2016. Staff Care’s annual survey indicated […]

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