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Steps To Take When Hiring a Locum

Hiring and working with new locums is always a challenge but can be quite exciting because you get to meet a fresh new face, there are some changes to your everyday routine and you might just find the perfect long term candidate for your business. A new face in the team is also great to inspire permanent medical workers to put in just a bit of extra effort. But there are also a lot of difficulties involved in working with someone new. Your new locum will have to learn all of your rules and regulations, for example. And your clients will have to get used to working with a strange medical professional and your permanent employees might feel threatened by the new worker. Here are a few steps to help you overcome the difficulties of working with a new locum.

Step 1 – Find a locum on Locums 4 You
The first step is of course to locate the best candidate for your practice. On you can scan through hundreds of locum resumes to find a candidate that has the highest qualifications and you can even check the availability of the locum on our fantastic recruiting website. Once you have outsourced the top locums you can either arrange a physical interview or even a Skype interview where you can ask a few questions and get to know the personality of the locum just a bit better.

How to Be a Terrific Locum and Get More Job Invites

Once you have given locums a shot, there probably is no looking back. More and more medical experts are making the switch to locums because of all the benefits they enjoy from working freelancing gigs. Most locum workers report a much higher average income, improved job flexibility and better treatment in general. But the biggest benefit that many locums and especially doctors enjoy is the fact that once their shift is over, it is truly over. You can relax, enjoy a drink or two and have fun without being called back to a hospital for emergencies. Off nights are your own, off weekends are truly off and there is no standby rules to restrict your life. The only difficulty in doing locums is getting enough job offers. Since you aren’t permanently employed, medical firms only use the services of locums when they are in need of assistance and with the rapidly growing locum market there are much more variety of locums for medical firms to choose from. You really have to give it your all during locum jobs to establish a good reputation, to get good reviews and to get more re-invites to medical firms.

Become a terrific locums with these 10 steps
To improve your locum services you have to evaluate your services from an employer’s perspective and improve based on these findings. The top things you can do to improve your locum services in general includes the following;

1. Be unique
You have to stand out in a crowd of locums and you can do this by creating a great looking resume, by personalizing your applications as much as possible and use flattery to your advantage in all of your application letters. It would also be great if you could create a professional image for yourself with business cards and other customized items.

Earn a Much Higher Average Income by Doing Locums

Lately there has been a lot of fuss about the hourly fee or daily fees of medical locums. While it is great news for locums to hear that they can get a much bigger salary by taking on freelancing projects they are also now becoming the target of negative social media attacks because of the high rates that some locums charge. NHS doctors in some areas are banned from charging what is referred to as ‘rip-off’ rates. Complaints about high locum rates seem to be flowing in from everywhere. But are these complaints truly grounded? Medical firms and permanent employs cry foul when they haven’t properly researched the extra effort that some locums have to put in to earn a good income.

Why the Demand for Locum Tenens Keeps Growing

According to the Staff Care’s annual survey, the demand for locum tenens just keeps growing rapidly with each passing year. The use of locum medicals started gaining a lot of popularity in 2002 when more than 26 000 medical locums were used. By 2014 more than 44 000 medical locums were used for the year and in the two years that followed these numbers jumped dramatically to about 48 000 medical locums used in 2016. Staff Care’s annual survey indicated that about 94% of healthcare facilities used locum physicians during 2016 and these locum medical experts were mostly employed to stand in for permanently employed medical experts on a temporary basis.

CompHealth and Hanover Research also did a survey and found that one in five physicians have done locum work and they have also concluded that most of those that used locum tenens enjoyed a positive experience while they were using these freelancing experts to stand in for them or for staff members which also contributes to the rapid growth in the demand for locum tenens.

GMC- General Medical Council

Register With GMC to Work As Locum Medical Professional

For a doctor, surgeon or a medical professional to be employed in the NHS (National Health Service), UK and to allow locum agencies to fully help them find the best job available, they must register with GMC – General Medicine Council. Almost all professional locum agencies support medical professionals validate themselves to work in UK with adequate documentation and other obligatory procedures.

A GMC certification is required when the candidate acquires a position that involves prescribing or selling medicinal drugs, signing birth or death certificates, or while applying for a doctor’s position in private healthcare industry.

Eligibility Criteria for GMC Registration:

The eligibility criterion depends on candidate’s nationality and the institution where he/she has acquired the specified qualification from. In addition, their experience, professional achievements and certificates promoting those specializations reason solid grounds for acquiring GMC certification.

Doctors receive different levels of registration under GMC that depends on their professional qualification and relevant experience. The levels of registration under GMC include provisional registration, full registration, specialist registration, temporary full registration and a GP registration.

Acquiring Full Registration

For doctors who have obtained their medical qualification from medical institutions in UK tertiary automatically qualify for full GMC registration. Apart from this, doctors who are nationals of EEA member state or those who have EC rights also qualify for GMC certification.

Furthermore IMG’s – International Medical Graduates, or those who are qualified from Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies, Hong Kong, Singapore & Malaysia (provided their degree is awarded by University of Malaysia & before 2004) are qualified for GMC registration. If a doctor has worked over a period of time without being under supervision of any senior, they can apply for a full registration.

Acquiring Provisional Registration

Provisional registration facilitates locum doctors to qualify for medical jobs on Foundational I Level at hospitals and medical facilities. Doctors from UK’s medical universities with complete medical qualification can apply at F1 service rendering medical facilities. For foreign medical graduates wo have cleared PLAB assessment and completed primary medical training (but have yet to complete internship) also qualify for a provisional GMC registration.

Acquiring Specialist Registration

Since the responsibilities carried by a substantive consultant or specialist are quite immense, there is a strict screening procedure for receiving specialist registration from GMC. Aspiring candidates are advised to consult GMC’s website for thorough information on this.

Acquiring GP Registration

For doctors desiring to practice as a GP professional must have GP registration. They are required to complete a form known as GMS1, having personal & professional details about the doctor.

GMC has established stern regulations to qualify as locum medical professionals in UK in order to protect, promote and maintain health and safety of UK nationals.


A Description Of The Locum Tenens

In our specialized society, the need for substitutes in technical or professional positions are increasingly filled by temporary workers, otherwise known as locum tenens. These positions are most often for physicians or other health care professionals, and members of the clergy. Professionals filling these types of jobs face both advantages and disadvantages. For professionals who enjoy travel and new challenges, this may prove to be a desirable job situation.

The main difference between a standard temporary position and that of a locum tenens is that the term is normally applied to jobs of a professional nature. The literal translation from Latin means to hold the place of, or in short, a substitute. Though the term originated from Medieval Latin, as an industry it is generally believed to have begun in the 1970s when physicians associated with the University of Utah received a grant to entice doctors to work in rural areas.

This system is commonly used in countries with a British heritage, i. E., the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc., where the shortened term locum is often used. In the US, the entire term is the preference, yet it is used almost exclusively for the health care industry. While the term is not always used for positions outside health care, it is accurately used to describe temporary workers in many professions.

The majority of locum positions are for doctors or other medical professionals and a staffing industry has grown to supply qualified individuals to the facilities where they are needed. An online search will list many firms which place physicians, technical professionals and executives in hospitals and clinics.

This job title is also used for temporary clergy assigned to churches in need of ordained officials. It may be applied to substitute judges, lawyers, teachers, firefighters, police and clergy, among others. But the common usage is primarily associated with health care.

While originally used to obtain doctors for positions in underdeveloped rural areas and countries, or in poor urban locations, the system has evolved into a way for professionals who would like to experience different positions or test localities to determine if they are good places to start a practice. Other candidates may want to experience unfamiliar assignments, local lifestyles, or being paid to travel. Higher pay is often an added benefit.

There are also some downsides to this type of position, namely, some benefits may not be offered, stress created by the nature of an unfamiliar job or the necessity to learn new skills, and the perception, especially by patients of a replaced physician, that the temporary doctor may provide lower quality care. The substitute may even be subjected to rules of which they were not made aware set by the facility or agency.

Overall, a locum tenens position may be the ideal choice for physicians just out of medical school or who have retired and are seeking an alternative work arrangement. This is a practical system for facilities needing to temporarily fill an assignment, or for physicians who want an opportunity to learn a specialty. For the adventurous type who enjoys exotic locations, offering their skills where they are most needed, and building new skills, this can be a fulfilling and inspirational occupation.

World experience can be very valuable to physicians. Physicians that choose to accept Locum Tenens jobs are choosing more than a position. Contemplate Locum Jobs Opportunities as part of your next career move.


Top 3 Reasons to Choose Locum Tenens

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel. You’re almost done with your program, but you still want to explore different types of medical practices. If so, there’s a great option for you: a locum tenens position. Clinics or hospitals will reach out to a locum PA when they have a temporary employment gap. While physician locum terms can be a year or more, the tenure of locum PAs is more often a few days to a few months.

Here I discuss the top incentives as well as answer some concerns that arise from this type of work.


With locum tenens, you can find the practice that suits you best and travel all over the country and the world. The best thing about traveling is that the recruiting company will usually cover all traveling expenses. That’s right. Your flight, car rentals and housing arrangements are taken care of; sometimes even a stipend for food may be provided.

Traveling to a new facility can create a few challenges, though. The biggest is adapting to the new environment. The new surroundings may be difficult to get used to, but why not embrace the change? Take time to explore your temporary placement. You may find that you really like it, and maybe you’ll decide to make a permanent move.


The other major reason professionals choose a locum tenens job is the amazing flexibility. Most physician assistants choose their own parameters, so they can decide how many and which days they want to work during their assignments.

“With locum tenens, you can find the practice that suits you best and travel all over the country and the world.”

Do you like the idea, but aren’t interested in spending too much time away from your home? There are options that accommodate those desires. Many agencies offer short-term engagements; you can travel to a new place for as little as a few days.

This flexibility is a major plus for anyone with children. Assignments can be planned to coincide with your kid’s vacation. In that case, it would be a great experience to take the whole family to a new place for a few weeks while still earning money.


Finally, a physician assistant completing their program may want to increase his or her network as much as possible before deciding on a permanent position. Working  locum tenens gives you the ability to engage with hundreds of doctors, nurses and patients from all over the world. Creating these professional relationships may open doors that you had never considered.

Although there are many positives to meeting new people, it may pose some issues. Because you’ll be the “newbie” in the facility your new colleagues may not invest their time in you. Eniola Otuseso, MD, told LocumLife magazine, “Because you’re new […] you would have to create a positive impression within a short period of time.”

Aside from learning new systems and procedures, it’s important to show your new coworkers that you know what you’re doing but are willing to learn and adapt to the way things are done in that facility.

So if you’re completing your program and want to change things up a bit, you should consider dipping into locum tenens work. My advice: Keep your day job and attempt a short-term assignment. If you decide you hate it, you’ll have something to fall back on.


Increasing Preference for Locum Tenens Jobs

The practice of recruiting medical professionals through locum agencies has met with great success in the recent years with more and more medical professionals striving to excel in their careers. In fact, this has allowed doctors and others associated with the profession to extend their careers beyond the standard time span. A survey indicated that locum tenens are most likely to attract the attention of physicians who are contemplating retirement, or the ones who are keen on making a transition and opting for another specialty. These are also ideal for resident doctors who are still engaged in training and hope to settle down in a different geographical setting in their careers.

Locum tenens is a Latin phrase which when translated comes to mean ‘one holding a place’. It is a term frequently used in the medical profession to indicate doctors who work on temporary assignments. They may be required to work in place of a colleague who is on leave or even join a medical establishment, which is going through a staff shortage. As with most countries, a locum doctor in Ireland can also seek profitable career opportunities.

Locum tenens also help full time physicians in a way that they can now extend their careers by allowing them to take a break and thus avoid a complete burnout. When they are ready to take on the responsibilities again, they can resume work in their respective positions.

It has been observed that doctors often prefer working in urban and suburban areas and thus an imbalance is created when it comes to availability of qualified medical professionals in rural areas. Doctors working as locums succeed in solving this issue to a great extent.

Locum tenens provide doctors the chance to work in diverse settings and thus one can hope to gather a vast amount of experience after working in such different conditions. Doctors believe that such an opportunity increases their skill set.

The task of working in a semi-retirement setting relieves doctors of the fact that they no longer have to bear the constant burden of carrying on with their practice and at the same time pay for their professional liability insurance. The insurance aspect is taken care of by the locum agencies.

The doctors also have the option of choosing their practice preferences. The doctors when asked about their preference indicated that some of them would like to work on return or recurring assignments, an opportunity that would allow them to work on specific practices and on scheduled rotations. Others preferred to work at an establishment that was located within driving distance of their residence. A high-intensity yet a comparative short-term assignment ensures a good income and is highly sought after.

As in other countries, doctor jobs in Ireland are also intended towards the same purposes. There are specialised locum agencies that work in this field. As a medical professional, you can enrol in any one of these locum agencies and secure an appointment at an established medical organisation.


Locum Tenens Physician Jobs

It is important for medical professionals to find a way that they can actually locate the right jobs in their field. Many agencies and organizations are also looking to get linked up with the right professionals that can help manage a role. This is why they will all want to check out what is available through Locum Tenens Physician Jobs. There are job postings here that will showcase some much needed skills from medical professionals. This will go a long way towards helping people secure the best jobs that are out on the market. This will prove to be a valuable resource, but professionals will need to understand how it may work going forward.

Most people will need to check out how they can search for jobs through this site. Locum Tenens Physician Jobs will tend to break down these job postings by skill level and the general area of medicine that they tend to cover. They will also be able to give people the support that they need to handle different types of projects going forward. This is a major reason why employers will want to check out how they can actually post their newest jobs here. This will connect them with a network of available professionals looking to add value to their company.

Learning to post jobs through this network will prove to be a valuable way to search for prospective candidates. Managers within a hospital department should look to help post information about the different types of resources that are available to people. This is a major reason why people will be interested in developing a system with this site. If they know they will be needing to recruit for a position, they should look to develop a strategy that will suit their needs. Almost everyone will be impressed by the full range of options that they have at their disposal.

It will be helpful for everyone to just get familiarized with how the site works and how Locum Tenens Physician Jobs tend to get posted. This site will be offering people the chance that they need to simply work with the right jobs for their needs going forward. The site tends to break down the jobs in to different types of categories, which will be appealing to users out there. For instance, a neonatologist may be being hired on at a hospital. This means that interested professionals should look through that job posting to see if they meet the requisite requirements.

In all, the Locum Tenens Physician Jobs site offers people the chance they need to get rapid information about the available positions in a field. These jobs are geographically dispersed throughout the country, which will help them draw in a considerable amount of appeal. This may prove to be one of the most useful information, because it can quickly simplify the job search process. This can save an organization a considerable amount of time and help make sure that they are contracting with the best possible doctors.