Steps To Take When Hiring a Locum

Hiring and working with new locums is always a challenge but can be quite exciting because you get to meet a fresh new face, there are some changes to your everyday routine and you might just find the perfect long term candidate for your business. A new face in the team is also great to inspire permanent medical workers to put in just a bit of extra effort. But there are also a lot of difficulties involved in working with someone new. Your new locum will have to learn all of your rules and regulations, for example. And your clients will have to get used to working with a strange medical professional and your permanent employees might feel threatened by the new worker. Here are a few steps to help you overcome the difficulties of working with a new locum.

Step 1 – Find a locum on Locums 4 You
The first step is of course to locate the best candidate for your practice. On you can scan through hundreds of locum resumes to find a candidate that has the highest qualifications and you can even check the availability of the locum on our fantastic recruiting website. Once you have outsourced the top locums you can either arrange a physical interview or even a Skype interview where you can ask a few questions and get to know the personality of the locum just a bit better.