Why we choose to be locum doctors

These locum doctors explain why they decided to take on locum placements…

Glynda Crabtree, MD – emergency medicine doctor

“For two years, I accepted assignments periodically to supplement the cost of building a new house. My regular, nine-to-five position is low stress and involves seeing low-acuity patients, but I wanted to liven things up. As a locum provider, I had always felt welcomed, especially by the nurses; everyone was grateful to have an extra set of hands. Since I’d had such a good experience in the past, I knew locum practice could offer more of the mix I want when I feel the need to ‘switch it up.’ A great time to get a taste of what’s out there would be a year or two out of residency. Clinicians can gain so much freedom and experience practicing locum. And the extra income is like icing on the cake.”

Bruce Banwart, MD – paediatric intensivist

“I wanted more freedom, a schedule I could set. I was working in a stressful, busy environment and wanted to spend more time with my extended family. You’re able to travel, see new places and work with a whole new group of people, which can be exciting. I choose my schedule, and I can choose where I want to go. I volunteered in Kenya and Madagascar in January, spent some time at home in Kansas City, and now I’m headed to an assignment before flying to Africa again. My life is more hectic now that I gave up my private practice, but it’s rewarding to have the opportunity to volunteer.”

Manuel O. Gonzalez, MD - hospitalist

“A year after graduating, I didn’t want to be limited, or commit to a year or more at one facility or area, so I looked into the locum option and liked the flexibility it would offer. I wanted to try out new locations before making long-term career plans. Honestly, I was curious about practice in other places and how it would compare with delivering care in a metropolitan area. I knew there would be exposure to different patient populations, as well as certain types of injuries and illnesses, which are more prominent in some regions than others. Locum practice offers physicians and advanced practice providers a great transition. In addition to travelling to different facilities and new places, everything—from transportation to accommodations—was taken care of for me. I earned a great income too. Everything was so easy.”

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