Why the Demand for Locum Tenens Keeps Growing

Why the Demand for Locum Tenens Keeps Growing


According to the Staff Care’s annual survey, the demand for locum tenens just keeps growing rapidly with each passing year.  The use of locum medicals started gaining a lot of popularity in 2002 when more than 26 000 medical locums were used.  By 2014 more than 44 000 medical locums were used for the year and in the two years that followed these numbers jumped dramatically to about 48 000 medical locums used in 2016.  Staff Care’s annual survey indicated that about 94% of healthcare facilities used locum physicians during 2016 and these locum medical experts were mostly employed to stand in for permanently employed medical experts on a temporary basis. 

CompHealth and Hanover Research also did a survey and found that one in five physicians have done locum work and they have also concluded that most of those that used locum tenens enjoyed a positive experience while they were using these freelancing experts to stand in for them or for staff members which also contributes to the rapid growth in the demand for locum tenens.

So why is the demand for locums growing so rapidly?

Sean Ebner, the president of StaffCare believes that the biggest reason for this growth in demand for locums is a result of the world wide physician shortage.  Permanently employed medical experts has a hard time to get off from work due to a shortage of staff and medical firms find it hard to get enough help during busy times such as the beginning of a new year or during winter. The high availability of locum doctors also makes it much easier for practices to find suitable candidates even though they cannot commit to a long term agreement.

Why there are now more locums than ever before

More and more physicians are switching over to locum tenens because they can generate a much higher income through freelancing at various clinics during emergency hours, weekends and public holidays.  Freshly qualified medical experts also flood locum opportunities because these opportunities give them a good chance to gain work experience and to find suitable permanent positions.  And a lot of permanently employed medical experts are providing locum services on the sideline in order to generate a higher income.  All of these factors contribute to much higher locum availability. 

The locum tenens types that is highest in demand

The demand for locums is becoming higher in all types of medical firms such as staffing firms, hospitals, clinics, emergency facilities and pharmacies which results in a good general growth in demand for all types of locum experts especially the demand for hospitalists, behavioral health experts, chiropractic professionals, anesthesiology, nurses and more.  But the locum expert that is by far the highest in demand is physician locums.

The demand for locums is international

Locums are not just high in demand in the US. The locum trend has grown in popularity all over the world which resulted in more than 16% of locums in the U.S. alone being licensed to work in more than one state and many of them are exploring different countries and providing their skills abroad for higher income or for travel experience purposes.

Why locum recruiting sites are the best solutions for locums and employers

Locum recruiting companies are by far the easiest and best way for locums to find suitable opportunities and for medical recruiters to find suitable locums because these recruiting companies have platforms that make it easy to navigate through the resumes of locums and it makes it easy for locums to apply for available opportunities.  Recruiting firms often charge incredible low fees for the use of their platforms and the diversity of locum opportunities and locums makes it easy for recruiters to find the expertise they are looking for affordably and for locums to find high paying opportunities.