Earn a Much Higher Average Income by Doing Locums

Earn a Much Higher Average Income by Doing Locums


Lately there has been a lot of fuss about the hourly fee or daily fees of medical locums.  While it is great news for locums to hear that they can get a much bigger salary by taking on freelancing projects they are also now becoming the target of negative social media attacks because of the high rates that some locums charge.  NHS doctors in some areas are banned from charging what is referred to as ‘rip-off’ rates.  Complaints about high locum rates seem to be flowing in from everywhere.  But are these complaints truly grounded?  Medical firms and permanent employs cry foul when they haven’t properly researched the extra effort that some locums have to put in to earn a good income. 


Why higher rates are justified when doing locums

Locums do not have the luxury of slacking off in their jobs, they do not have the luxury of calling in sick and they don’t have the luxury to be sure of a paying opportunity tomorrow.  For a permanent employee no work means a good coffee break and some time to relax. For a locum, no work means no pay.  They also have to constantly deal with a lot of paperwork to ensure that they are operating legally and working in a strange and new environment frequently can be stressful and it does take a lot of experience and skill to become flexible enough to handle such big sudden changes.  Another big reason for higher locum rates to be justified is because locums are mostly used during extra busy times, public holidays, on weekends and on night shift positions all of which are usually the most labour intensive occasions.


Why negative media comments shouldn’t put you off locums

Most negative media findings on locums usually result from permanent staff that fears that the locum industry might one day lead in terms of employment methods for both large medical firms and smaller medical practices.  A lot of medical firms don’t mind dishing out extra cash for a locum at all because they get much better work productivity from the locums, there are no permanent obligations towards the locum  and hiring locums enables practices and large medical firms to be much more flexible and cost efficient since hiring locums enables them to enjoy a much more tailor fit workforce in terms of shifts and work volume for certain periods of the year or month where more clients stream in for medical attention.  This is exactly why negative media comments and blog articles shouldn’t put you off doing locums.  After all, if some agencies are willing to pay up to $3000 a day for an experienced specialist locum then you can pretty much bet that they are satisfied with the type of work that they receive from hiring locums.


Earn more while doing locums anywhere

It is not just first rate companies that are willing to pay a much higher rate for temporary assistance like the case with medical locums.  In fact, locums all over the world enjoy a much higher average pay rate which in return inspires many more medical professionals to make a career switch from permanent employment to locum employment.   If you are interested in making a career shift then you can also sign up on our website; where you can create a virtual resume and apply for all the best and highest paying locum opportunities near you or even for international opportunities if you have always desired to travel and see the world.  Locums4You is a professional recruiting company that connects the best locums to the best opportunities without any hassles and the website makes it incredibly easy for both employers and locums to get all the information they need regarding positions instantly.